Do participants need to know Shakespeare for the training to be effective?
Not at all. We presume many participants left high school after a few boring weeks of "Julius Caesar" and have had little Shakespeare since. It is our responsibility to translate the complex language of Shakespeare so that executives and managers can apply the business lessons into daily practice.

Why Shakespeare?
Three primary reasons: 1) Shakespeare furnishes the keenest insights into human nature. And success in business, government, non-profits, family, or any other institution depends upon understanding this wisdom. 2) Shakespeare tells stories, and people learn more through stories than through PowerPoint presentations. 3) Shakespeare used (and often invented) the greatest words in the English language. Leadership depends upon words to motivate people, to bring out their best, to connect them to each other and to the mission of an organization.

Do participants need much preparation before the training sessions?
No preparation is required for the training sessions, though some participants like to head to sparknotes.com to get a plot summary and character identifications on various plays.

Can I create a customized training session?
Yes. We spend as much time as possible working with the CEO or head of Human Resources to understand the internal and external challenges and the focus for your organization's year ahead. We then choose the most appropriate lessons to reinforce your organization's priorities, and offer parallels between Shakespeare's ancient wisdom and management's current business challenges.

Can you deal with two or more topics in one training session?
Sure. One government agency, for instance, wished to stress risk-taking but also needed training on diversity. We combined them in a day of scenes from "The Merchant of Venice." Likewise, we've used "Julius Caesar" to teach both effective communications, and operational competence, to great success.

Where's the training held?
Anywhere. We travel much like medieval itinerant actors themselves and present our work in small classrooms, large conference centers, or on-site at the company or organization.

How long is the program?
Depending on the type of event and our client's needs and time constraints, we have delivered sessions from a few hours to a few days. For executive training sessions, we typically run full-day sessions or the occasional half day sessions. For breakout sessions at large conferences and events, we condense the training into two hours per breakout and also conduct the after-dinner entertainment. We are extremely flexible and are most interested in meeting your needs.

What are the audio-visual (A/V) needs?
Logistics vary depending on audience size. A/V and room set-up are easily handled with the hotel or other contact staff. Movers & Shakespeares assures that all performances run smoothly and professionally.

How does Movers & Shakespeares charge for its training sessions?
Movers & Shakespeares charges a flat fee for each training session regardless of duration, plus travel expenses. Our fees are well in line with other high-quality training firms and, according to our clients, more effective. Our repeat business with many of our clients is a testament to the value we deliver for our fee.

I'm interested in bringing Movers & Shakespeares to my organization. What do I do?
Please contact us via phone at 703-989-5444, or send us an email. Together we will customize a training session that works for your organization.