Learning to Lead

Movers & Shakespeares' approach to leadership training follows one of the great leaders of history, King Henry V. What worked then for him (and it did; just ask the French) works just as well now for corporate executives.

With film and readings from Shakespeare's "Henry V," we'll show your employees how to:

  • Change the strategic direction of an organization
  • Run an effective decision-making meeting
  • Gain new skills and transform relationships when advancing in an organization
  • Set high ethical standards and hold your employees accountable to them
  • Motivate teams during tough times
  • Persuade and inspire talent for any work scenario
  • Work across various business units and cultures

Movers & Shakespeares highlights the key elements of strong leadership for modern executives through the Bard's most famous speeches and scenes, teaching participants firsthand how to perform as top leaders in the world of business. 

Movers & Shakespeares provides training programs based on the insights and wisdom of Shakespeare in areas including: