Hindustan Times | Is Shakespeare relevant today?

The session on Leadership Lessons from Shakespeare, at the ongoing Hindustan Times Leadership Summit saw an interactive discussion on the relevance of the English bard in today's times.

Shakespeare scholars Carol Adelman & Ken Adelman of Movers & Shakespeare engaged with the audience on the universality and relevance of Shakespeare today.

The session began with a clipping from Tabu-Irrfan Khan starrer film, Maqbool, the movie adaptation of Shakespeare's famous play, Macbeth.

"Most Macbeth adaptations don't have dancing sequences and this only goes on to show the universality of Shakespeare. There have been 400 films made on Shakespeare plays and as they say in Hollywood and Bollywood, 'Shakespeare has legs'".

Talking about Shakespeare's relevance today, she said, "There are three main reasons: First, he gives the greatest insights in human nature. Second, most beautiful words come from Shakespeare and third, he told the greatest stories."

The audience was treated to movie clippings from Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice and Henry V for motivational and leadership ideas.

The Adelmans engaged with the audience on inspiration from Shakespeare about presentation skills and how to be a good leader. They jokingly asked them to refer to the bard for tips on how to suck up to the boss and backstabbing.

The session ended with a line from Shakespeare: Can one desire too much of a good thing?

If it is Shakespeare, never for sure!

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