Our Approach

The Movers & Shakespeares training approach is unique, unexpected, and engaging. Just as there's nothing run-of-the-mill about the the insight and artistry of the world's greatest storyteller, there's nothing boring about our lessons in running an effective organization.

To create your organization's customized sessions, we work with you  to understand your specific goals and challenges. During the sessions, we'll incorporate a wide array of training methods, ensuring that each individual has a rich educational and emotional experience. We'll dive deeply into the history and language of the plays themselves, but also integrate scenes from great movie adaptations, interactive discussions, and a box full of theatre-quality props. The sessions are lively, but more importantly, the lessons are memorable. 


Movers & Shakespeare's provides executive training seminars and leadership development programs based on the insights and wisdom of Shakespeare. You'll be amazed at what this literary legend has to say about: